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Clyde A. Paul & Associates – Halifax’s Source for Sound Legal Guidance

With the ability to handle a range of issues as diverse as the people in our community, Clyde A. Paul & Associates is your source for sound legal guidance in Halifax and throughout Nova Scotia. Our lawyers have served individuals and businesses with an old-fashioned work ethic dedicated to achieving the results you desire. We have proudly served the community since 1960.

Enjoy Genuine, Non-Intimidating Legal Services

Clyde A. Paul & Associates is not a big box law firm. We have a team of three full-time lawyers and a full support staff. As fellow Nova Scotians who are proud to live and work in the Maritimes, we believe in a genuine, non-intimidating approach to fulfill your legal needs. On-site visits and house calls are available upon request.

Halifax Lawyers Skilled in Real Estate, Estate Planning & Business Law

Whether you are starting a business, purchasing a home or planning your estate, Clyde A. Paul & Associates has the experience to guide you through the process. Our lawyers are skilled in and out of the courtroom and take on a variety of cases involving family law, litigation and criminal law. Schedule your consultation and receive the legal support you deserve.

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